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What results are we expecting to achieve through the project?

  1. Potentiate significantly the AdapteCCa platform, converting it into a dynamic, agile, functional platform that contains quality and up-to-date information. The project will involve a notable increase in the quantity, quality and flow of information on the platform and the number of visits and users that make use of it.
  1. Improved technical capabilities for adaptation to climate change and increased awareness of adaptation.
  • Formed more than 200 technicians from local administrations, professionals and university trainers. On-line dissemination through the AdapteCCa platform will allow a greater reach.
  • Increase in levels of awareness in terms of impacts and adaptation through communication and awareness actions.
  • It is expected to achieve a global qualitative leap in the relevance of adaptation in Spain and Portugal through the Iberian Conference on Adaptation
  1. Strengthening coordination and cooperation among key agents
  • Six agreements with representatives of business organizations and four sectoral seminars are expected, which will bring together more than 200 experts, which will translate into greater integration of adaptation in the corresponding sectors.
  • Two very specific results are expected in the field of cooperation:
    • One between Spain and Portugal, project partners, to reinforce the exchange of information on shared vulnerabilities and identify priorities and common actions;
    • And another with the European Environment Agency, to strengthen the synergies between AdapteCCa and the European platform, Climate-ADAPT.



Finally, the action to evaluate the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in Spain will result in the first evaluation of the impact of adaptation in Spain since the beginning of the PNACC in 2006. The results will serve to effectively guide the following Work Program of the plan